MOC Credit

MOC Credit

Congratulations! You’ve found a free, easy, meaningful way to comply with the American Board of Radiology Maintenance of Certification practice quality improvement requirement!

How do I complete a project?

Review the "Project Options" pages to ensure you can do one of the projects in your practice.

Create a username/password and enter the requested data in the "My Reports" top menu page, which will appear after logging in. 

When you complete the project, save a copy of your data so you can prove you are compliant with the ABR PQI requirement.

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Who does this site help?

This site is for Radiologists undergoing Maintenance of Certification (MOC) by the American Board of Radiology (ABR).

How will this site help?

  • We provide free, easy projects that help you complete and document compliance with MOC Part IV, Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) requirements.

Our projects:

  • Are easy to document — Drop down menus to the rescue!
  • Are applicable to most radiology practices
  • Provide step-by-step instructions
  • Contain suggested successful solutions to common problems
  • Help you make a positive change in your work environment
  • Are certified by the American Board of Radiology

Why is this important?

  • You need to do something to comply with MOC Part 4. Completing a quality improvement project every three years is one option. Other options are listed here.
  • You need to keep documentation to prove you are compliant with MOC Part 4, in case you are audited.

What if I am audited by the American Board of Radiology?

  • No need to worry! When you complete one of our ABR-approved society-sponsored projects, you can print and save a report that confirms your compliance.
  • We’ve done the write-up for you and ABR certification confirms that they think the project is acceptable for credit. 
  • Don’t forget to keep your attestations and payments up to date in your ABR Personal Database! We can’t do that for you.

Did you know Dr. Cat Roberts creates the content and pays to maintain
 this site? 

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