Beginning Faculty


Beginning faculty members are defined as having teaching responsibility with little or no formal training in teaching.


Clearly communicate expectations to learners Communication Skills
Select teaching and learning strategies with an understanding of how adults learn How Adults Learn
Provide guidance, support and constructive feedback Giving Effective Feedback
Create clear, measurable educational objectives Writing Objectives and Learning Outcomes
Employ a variety of instructional methods that effectively facilitate learning in different settings (classroom, lab, clinical) Instructional Methodology
Prepare students for working on a multidisciplinary patient care team Interprofessional Teamwork
Assess learners with valid and reliable methods that are congruent with learning objectives Student Assessment
Describe and create effective presentations with the goal to have learners achieve specific objectives Lecturing Skills
Plan a way to deliver the essential content Curricular Design
Alter mentoring strategy based on generational differences Understanding Millennial Learners
Mentor learners with empathy, integrity and professionalism Mentoring
Utilize established best practices for tutoring Tutoring
Continually improve as an educator by seeking feedback from learners and engaging in opportunities to enhance education skills Program Evaluation
Use small group teaching techniques to actively involve students in learning cooperatively Small Group Learning
Utilize established best practices for mentoring Mentoring
Act as a role model of professionalism Professionalism
Prioritize demands on your time Time Management
Model a commitment to lifelong learning, continuous professional development and the values and missions of the institution You're doing it now!