How can I help?

  • Open my page on IMDb. Webpage hits from varying places increase my STARmeter. 
  • If you've got any contacts in the TV or movie entertainment business, please help me get acting roles. Being in a small supporting role is excellent for me. I can be contacted via this site or my agent, who is listed on IMDb Pro.
    • If you like Star Trek, check out Star Trek Continues. I played Lt. Palmer in Episodes 3-4 and 6-11. Also check out The Red Shirt Diaries Season 2, where I played Yeoman Rand in 4 episodes. I also played Yeoman Rand in a currently unreleased Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II episode.


What are you charging for this awesome service?

  • Nothing. I pay all of the expenses and develop the content. I run this site myself with tech help from really smart friends (Thanks Lock, Aaron, and Kelly!).


Are you permanently archiving all this information and promising to run this site forever?

  • No. Seriously, NO. It is each user’s responsibility to keep a printed or electronic copy of the work they did. I will run this site as long as it seems useful enough to others to warrant its continued existence.
  • Case in point, if this site does not seem to warrant paying the fees involved at the end of 2023 then I will likely let it lapse. 

How did you choose the topics for your quality improvement projects?

  • I design projects that are clinically relevant and applicable to most radiology practices. The easy answer to this rather broad question was to base them on patient safety goals developed by The Joint Commission with some poetic license to adapt them to our specialty.

Why doesn't my old password work?

  • If you initially set up your account on the old RadiologyQuality.com site, your old password could not be imported to this new site that lives on MOCcredit.com. Don't worry, your username, email, and data are still here. You just need to click "Forgot Your Password", enter the email address associated with your account, and a new temporary password will be sent to you. If you don't have that email address anymore, send me a note via the Contact page and I'll fix it. 


Why do you recommend that the data from each project be submitted to a larger national database?

  • The American Board of Radiology and RadiologyQuality.com enthusiastically support your voluntary reporting of data to appropriate national registries where available. The American College of Radiology (ACR) has set up national data registries (NRDR). Some of these are very subspecialty specific (Carotid Artery Stenting, Coronary CTA) but other metrics in the General Radiology Improvement Database (GRID) are more broadly applicable, like the projects contained in this site.
  • If you don't have the spare funds to pay their fees in order to participate - no worries, we have a database that will allow you to compare your results to others nationally. But really, if you can, please submit your data to the ACR or other large national database.